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                                                     Waking Up


 Have you ever been awakened by someone who was asleep because they snored too loud ?


You may want to shake them and make them stop snoring!  This is what has happened with the Confederate Flag that has been flying in America for over 150 years.  The flag being swung in our face is trying to wake us up from a deep sleep!  We have been sleep walking for a long time.


The recent death of nine black Americans was the sleeping and snoring loudly entity that woke us up from a deep sleep.  Let's stay awake and aware.  Look at what else we did this week.  Marriage is for all Americans.  The age of Aquarius has arrived! 

Another emergency has arrived in our world today in the year 2020.  2020 signifies the clearest vision that any human can expect to have.  We are able to see things from afar and the tiny minute things that we could not see in the past.

Let's put away our spectacles and rely on the God-given insight we were born with.  

Don't just wake up and turn off the alarm clock.  You must get out of the bed, wash your face, brush your teeth and get dressed in order to be awoke and READY to go! 💛💛💛  






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