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                      WHAT IS THE STORY BEHIND A.M.E.C.C.A? 

 A Method for Evolutionary Change thru Conscious Awareness, was conceived through an idea that rested in the heart of the founder, Mary E. Sims.  Mary is a seer and has had many prophetic dreams and visions.  In the next few paragraphs, Mary will tell her story.


"In 1995, my phone rang at 4 am.  When I picked up the phone, the only sound I heard on the other end was an alarm clock going off.   I was puzzled, but I quickly fell asleep again and began to dream. 


In the dream, a lot of people were afraid of a disease that was killing many people on Earth.  The wealthy people  were allowed to escape the planet, but the poor were going to be left behind.    An American Indian shaman came to me.  He wanted me to show the people where the entrance to a cave was that would protect them from the impending doom.  Somehow I was the only one who knew where the cave was.


The cave was in Sedona, Arizona.  Even though I knew where the entrance to the cave was, I didn't want the people to run and hide.  I wanted them to stand and face their fear, use their power and become victorious in the battle.  I knew that death was not the End, it was only the Beginning."

AMECCA is about becoming aware of your fears (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL), or (Forget Everything And Relax) and overcome the illusion of FEAR.  Be it addiction, anger, jealousy, lack of confidence, depression, death and suicide.  Conscious awareness is the tool for controlling these human emotions.  To evolve consciously, we must be aware of the now, and live in the moment. 
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