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In The Waiting Room

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

In life, we all have to wait for something. Patience is a Virtue I have always desired more of. I can remember my mother teaching me how to wait in the kitchen while she was trying to hurry with dinner. She would say to my sister and I, "Hold your horses! The food will be ready in a minute." Then we would grab the back of a chair and hold it real tight. Then mother would say, "Hold the chair real tight, and don't let the horsey get away."

Instead of holding on to chairs, we should grab hold of our hopes, our desires and our dreams and never let them go

The waiting area in the bus station or the airport reminds me of life and how we have to wait until we have to leave and reincarnate into another life in the Universe. Yes, I do believe in reincarnation. Some people don't have to wait as long as others. I've heard someone say, "The good die young."

We sit in the waiting room and we chase our dreams or we watch others chase theirs. The people who don't have any dreams to chase are usually the ones who constantly bother others for having a dream.

Just like in a real waiting room, everyone is waiting for their name to be called. It's good to have something to do while waiting. It seems to make the time pass faster.

Of all my appointed times, I will wait until my change comes. Job 14:14 💛💛💛

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