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The Age of Pisces is coming to an end, making a grand entrance for the Age of Aquarius.

Since most of us are in a deep sleep and under the spell of the worldly powers that be, it is very important for us who say we are awake to stir our fellow man by implementing a fast tract plan to Enlightenment for those who desire to wake up.

It's easy to wake up some one who's asleep in the natural state, and you might wonder how can we wake up a person who is asleep in a spiritual sense.  This is very hard to do, and every one will not respond or hear the calls.  Some people have natural ears to hear external sounds, but they don't have spiritual ears to hear the Voice of their Super Conscious man or God-self Voice.  This is the Voice of Intuition.  

The birth trauma has made most of us forget the place where we came from and why we are here.  If the young child is not encouraged to remember this information at an early age, all memory will be eternally forgotten.  Sometimes this information can be obtained by hypnosis or past life regression.

AMECCA is an idea designed to help us overcome limited thinking and fear so we can become all that we can be.  We here at AMECCA have a strong desire to help each individual "Remember" the God-Self that is within.

We all know the mind-set of sheep and how they follow blindly behind the sheep that's in front of her/him.  Unfortunately many people are the same way.  It's similar to people who are in a burning building and only a few know the building is on fire.  They don't even smell the smoke or see any flames yet.  The few who do know about the fire, may be selfish and quietly sneak out of the building without alerting the others about the fire. 

There is always a few Doubting Thomas' around, and those people will only believe what a  "runner" has to say.  A runner is the person who is screaming, "The building is on fire", while he is running out of the building.  The sheeple-people have no guts to leave the building until somebody starts to run, and then they will follow the runner no matter where she/he goes. 

If we who understand AMECCA's concept can find a believer who is a "runner",  maybe we will  be able to incite others to follow her/him on this NEW Journey.  

I  wonder if a sheeple-people can be awakened..hmm?

MYAMECCA is now accepting donations for help with providing drug addiction counseling E books and other reading material.   We also need video equipment for our  weekly pod cast for other classes in Reiki Healing and other self help topics. 

                       Thank you in advance for your donation.   

                                               Mary E. Sims

                                           Mary E. Sims

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