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                           ABOUT THE FOUNDER


   Mary was born on March 11, 1954.  She started her writing career in 1969 by writing articles for her high school newspaper. Her second book, An Angel Without  A Name: Hearing Your Voice is a sequel to her first book, Going Home another Way: The Journey Begins Within.  

    Both books tell about her exciting spiritual journey in search of the God that her mother introduced her to when she was only a child.

On her death bed, her mother's last request was for Mary to never leave this God.

  Mary was so lost and lonely after her death until she forgot all about the God that she saw through her mother's eyes.  Three months later, she met what many would call "The Devil in Disguise" in some of the members of her Pentecostal Church and eventually the man who would become her husband. 


   Her eyes became opened!  The road that she was on was covered with thorns, thistles and many tall weeds.   Alcohol and drugs seemed to be the only thing that eased her confusion, loneliness and pain.

   Thirty years later, she heard a familiar Voice in her mind. She 1st heard this Voice when she was nine years old.  This Voice guided her back to the "Straight and Narrow Path of life".  In the end she realizes that she was never lost.  The so called "Good and Evil" was only a part of her Ego that took up space in her mind.  The question was, who will she let rule?

    Mary has been sober for over twenty six years.  Sometimes when she speaks to people in public, she chuckles and laughs while saying,
"Why should I continue to count the days of my sobriety when I'm going to be this way for the rest of my life?  But, I do remember the day I decided to change my life!"

   Mary is the mother of two sons and she owned an upholstery shop in Dallas, Texas for over 25 years. She is Massage Therapist, a Reiki Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, a Rebirthing Dula, and a Past Life Regression Therapist. She has a heightened sense of awareness. Her psychic abilities are a Universal gift. Writing has become a medium for this to be cultivated. Her new venture is working with 1st time authors.  She helps the publish their books thru Kindle Direct Publishing.  She is called "The Book Lady".

Mary would like to thank you for stopping by and reading her Author's Biography.

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